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Solo Plexi Auxiliary




Allows detection of 58kHz rigid and adhesive labels from any vendor.
The SOLO System is fully adjustable through local or remote Windows Software using our Serial or Web Enable cable adjustment accessories.

All adjustments, from the most basic such as duration and volume to the most advanced to authorized and trained technicians can be configured locally or remotely.

The SOLO System can be equipped with all the electronic boards facilitating the installation and the connections and only needs a power supply in 110 / 220Vac.


  • “Dual-loop” antenna in vertical/horizontal mode for detection in all positions.
  • Fixed transceiver or transmitter/receiver mode to reduce backfield
  • Compatible with Phenom Box control electronics.
  • Local setting with USB cable or remote setting with Web module Enable.
  • “Ultra-Fast” DSP multitasking technology
  • Rapid detection of up to 3.00 m/sec
  • Stand-alone option with fully integrated electronics for easy installation with option to add a second auxiliary receiving antenna
  • Only 220Vac / 110Vac power required in the stand-alone option
  • Compatible with all 58kHz rigid and adhesive labels (57.50kHz to 59kHz).


Height 1553 mm
Base width 400 mm
Base thickness 133 mm
Transceiver weigth 16.45 Kg
*Receiver weigth 15.40 Kg


Transceive Transceive/Receiver
Label Up to 1.20 m on each side (1.00 m recommended) Up to 2.00 m between antennas (1.80 m recommended)
Pencil 46 mm HT Up to 1.40 m on each side (1.20 m recommended) Up to 2.40 m between antennas (1.00 m recommended)