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Plexi 180



Our EAS solutions are based on the most advanced technologies in the market always using cutting edge features of the electronics industry. Through our internal and complete production process, we have reached commercial terms of the most competitive

The antitheft system installed at checkout beeps and a light signal, when an activated adhesive label (which has not been disabled) or a rigid tag (which can not be disabled) passes through the magnetic field of the antenna.

The Plexi 180 antennas are dual-loop, self-contained antennas with integrated electronics. Plexi can detect 58 kHz adhesive labels and hard tags from any vendor.

The Plexi 180 system is fully configurable by software (Windows or Web/Ethernet) and uses an infrared and Ethernet-based communication interface. All settings, from the most basic, such as alarm duration and volume, to the most advanced, such as those that should be set up by authorized and trained technicians, can be configured either locally or remotely.

The Plexi system is equipped with all electronic boards needed to allow for easier installation and better connectivity and it only requires a 110/220 V power supply.


  • Fully integrated electronics for easy installation
  • “Dual-loop” antenna in vertical/horizontal mode for detection in all positions.
  • Fixed transceiver or transmitter/receiver mode to reduce backfield
  • Detection of up to 0,60 m on each side when using adhesive labels
  • Compatible with all 58 kHz (57,50 kHz up to 59 kHz) hard tags and labels
  • Single “dual-loop” antenna with an independent channel receiver (1 Transceiver + 1 Receiver)
  • Windows, or browser-based app (Wi-Fi, internet/Ethernet)
  • “Ultra-Fast” DSP multitasking technology
  • Rapid detection of up to 3.00 m/sec
  • Simple trimmer setup by visualizing antenna currents
  • Requires only a 220 V or 110 V power supply


Height 150.5 mm
Base width 150 mm
Base thickness 95 mm
Weight 5.8 Kg


Label Up to 0.60m on each side (0.50 recommended)
Pencil 46mm HT Up to 1.00m on each side (0.80 recommended)