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Phenom Slave




The PHENOM system is a stand-alone antenna able to detect 58kHz Labels and Hard Tags, from any provider.

The anti-theft system emits a beep and red light signal at the exit of the store when an activated Label (that has not been deactivated at the checkout) or when a Hard Tag (that cannot be deactivated) is passing through the magnetic field of the antennas.

The PHENOM System allows full adjustments with Cable TTL or Web Enabled communicating with the electronic board through an IR wireless interface. That includes basic adjust as buzzer duration and volume as complex adjust only authorized for trained technician.

The PHENOM antenna is fitted with all the electronic boards inside providing easier installation and connection.


  • Fully Integrated Electronic
  • Two loop Antenna
  • Detection up to 1,00m each side with labels
  • Compatible with all 58kHz Hard Tags and Labels providers
  • Mono antenna Master with optional Slave Antenna
  • Web browser or Cable TTL (wifi, internet / ethernet)
  • Ultra Fast Logical Technology
  • Easy to fix and install
  • Independent setting Buzzer/Lamp duration and type
  • Fast detection up to 3,00m/sec
  • Easy Trimmer setting monitoring antenna current
  • Only need 220Vac/110Vac supply connection


Width 427 mm
Length 113 mm
Height 1520 mm
Weight Slave 8.1 Kg