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Phenom Box Split





Whenever an active (i.e., that has not been deactivate on checkout) label or hard tag passes through the antennas’ magnetic field, the anti-theft system sounds an alarm and activates a red light at the store’s exit.

Phenom Box Split is an AM Controller to connect up to 3 “dual-loop” antennas, from all our available line. It can detect 58 kHz adhesive labels and hard tags from any vendor.

The Phenom Box system is fully configurable by software (Windows and Web) and uses an infrared and Ethernet-based communication interface. All settings, from the most basic, such as alarm duration and volume, to the most advanced, such as those that should be set up by authorized and trained technicians, can be configured either locally or remotely.

Phenom Box is available is available in 2 versions, SINGLE, SPLIT, DUAL and QUAD, to connect up to 2 or 4 “dual-loop” antennas. Its compact size makes its accommodation and installation in the store or checkout easier.


  • External Electronic Box for up to 3 Antennas
  • “Dual-loop” Antenna in vertical/horizontal mode for optimum detection in all positions.
  • Transceiver mode, fix or alternated transmitter/receiver mode for backfield cancelation.
  • Detection of up to 1.20m on each side when using adhesive labels.
  • Compatible with all 58 kHz (57.50 Khz to Khz) hard tags and labels
  • Controller Box Split: 1 “Dual-Loop” Transceiver Antenna + 2 independent channel Receiver Antenna (1 TRX + 2 RX)
  • Compatible with the Centurion Check Out antennas.
  • Wireless setup with Windows and browser-based app (Wi-Fi, internet/Ethernet)
  • “Ultra-Fast” DSP multitasking technology
  • Rapid detection of up to 3.00 m/sec
  • Simple trimmer setup by visualizing antenna currents


Height 51.5 mm
Width 254 mm
Depth 228 mm
Box weigth 2.1 Kg