Plexi 400 AM Single Loop




sThe AM system is able to detect 58kHz Labels and Hard Tags and is compatible with any provider. An Electronic Box can run up to 4 antennas.

The anti-theft system emits a beep and red light signal at the exit of the store when an activated label (that has not been deactivated at the checkout) or a tag (that cannot be deactivated) is passing through the magnetic field of the antennas.


Attractive transparent clear design is ideal for boutique in shopping center especially as:

  • Cosmetic stores
  • Clothing retailers
  • Department stores
  • Electronic stores
  • Drug stores
  • Libraries


Height 155 mm
Base width 40 mm
Base thickness 13.5 mm
Weigth 16.9 Kg


Tag Distance*
Label Up to 1.10 m (0.90 m recommended)
Pencil 46 mm HT up to 1.20 m (1.00 m recommended)