Plexi 150 RF Antenna




Our RF EAS 8,2Mhz system is compatible with any 8,2Mhz tags available on the market, making easy its integration upon other installations and allowing you to buy tags from any provider. INWAVE system works in RX/TX mode (two antennas), DUAL mode (three antennas) or in Multiple mode (over three antennas).

INWAVE offers OEM EAS Electronic Boards , reducing R&D investment for EAS companies on this market.


Height 150.5 mm
Base width 15 mm
Base thickness 9.5 mm
Weigth 5.8 Kg


Tag Maximum recommended distance
Round 50mm HT 1,40m
Round 63mm HT 1,50m
4×4 Label 0,90m
5×5 Label 1,00m